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that mine was sited for violating two federal safety rules on the day of the blast. monday's massive underground explosion killed 25 miners and sent two of them to the hospital. the energy company, the owner of the mine has a questionable safety record. in 2009, the upper big branch mine had more than 450 safety violations and nearly $900,000 in mines. the mine safety and health administration says they will turn over every rock. we have the latest. enis. >> reporter: the levels of dangerous gases are still too high for rescue workers to go into the west virginia mine in search of four missing coal workers. while a community waits, the drilling continues. >> we have one drill currently in operation, that is drilled down about 560 feet. right next to that, we have
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another drill hole -- >> the drilling, an effort to clear dangerous gases from inside this west virginia mine, so rescue workers can enter. four miners are missing since monday's deadly explosion. >> rescue teams are prepared. they are charged un, ready to go, and they will go in a moment's notice. >> those teens will face adverse conditions inside, dangers like dust and debris. >> when an explosion occurs, it has the ability to lift that material up and move it to an area and cause a lot of destruction. >> days after the blast, the questions linger. like how the mine was allowed to operate with multiple serious citations. >> there really isn't a mechanism to shut down a problem such as this. >> one mine worker says despite the risks of the job and tragedies like monday's explosion, the industry is a crucial part of this community. >> if it wasn't for the coal mines, we wouldn't be putting money back into the economy.
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>> and one bright spot for this west virginia community, the governor says that one of the miners hospitalized after monday's explosion is doing extremely well. live in west virginia, back to you. >> thank you. breaking news now, closer to home. 9newses now learned dc's office has cleared council chairman, vincent gray of charges of misappropriation of money. it concerned repair work a contract did to his home. he improperly solicited money. the investigation determined gray had paid fair market value for the renovations to his home and that the request for money from comcast was not campaign related and within his duties as chairperson of the city council. well, could the rot ton economy sweep a republican back into the governor's mansion in heavily democratic maryland? former governor hopes so.
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he launched a rematch in rockville today and the current governor quickly hit back. here's bruce leshan. >> here they go again. bob urlich is hoping the same forces that brought republicans to power in virginia, new jersey, and massachusetts will help flip the results of his last race against democrat, martin o'malley. >> welcome to history part two. >> tax increases. >> that's correct. >> excuses and limitless bailouts from the federal government. >> despite his late announcement and big fund raising deficit, his entry makes the race almost a tossup. >> today, we begin to roll back the 20% increase in the maryland sales tax. >> the former governor point ignored nearly every question from the assembled prong of reporters, which gave the current occupant of the state
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house just the opening he was looking for. >> i now answered 20 times as many questions as my challenger has on his day of announcement. >> martin o'malley insists state government is smaller under his watch, that state spending increases are down dramatically and without a penny increase in the sales tax, maryland's budget would have gone splat, like california's. >> we had to make a lot of tough decisions, bruce, in order to move our state forward in these difficult times. >> independent voters like gaithersburg sue payne may decide this race. >> you don't know if you like urlich? >> i don't know. >> o'malley says urlich is going to have a tough time portraying himself as an outsider. raising state fees, and allowing an increase in the property tax. these are two personalities and they don't much like each other. lesli. >> you think? all right bruce, thanks for
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that. we are going to check in on the evening rush right now. patranya, how are things looking? >> lots of sunshine to keep you company as you head home. lots of commuters as well and check out the slowest routes. 66, it will take you 28 minutes to 7100 and on the inner loop, it will give you 19 minutes to i-95. let's switch outside and take a look at how things are looking on 270. right now, we aren't seeing any incidents or accidents, but very slow, attracting those brake lights approaching montgomery village avenue and be on the brakes over to 121. and finally, we are going to wrap it up in the district as we head back live here to south capital street and m. the nats game starts in an hour. a lot of people will be taking metro as well. right now, we aren't seeing any problems on the rails, except on the orange line. lesli, back to you. >> patranya talked earlier
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about the heat leading to more cases of road rage and we are learning about a case of road rage that turned bloody. two drivers got into a dispute yesterday near i-495. they pulled over to the side of the road. got out of their cars. one man pulled out a knife and cut the other man twice on the arm. officers arrested that suspect. they identify him as 54-year- old keith lewis of alexandria. police want to hear from anyone who witnessed the incident. >> police do not think that two nearly simultaneous shootings last night were related in any way. in all, four people were badly hurt in the incidents. two teens were apparently ambushed by a masked gunman on hitching post lane. a few minutes later, two adults were shot in the leg during a fight near a trailer park on alma avenue. all of this happened after yet another shooting in clarksville earlier in the evening. >> this is very rare that we would have three shootings,
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again, unrelated in less than four hours. between the first and the third. i understand the concern. i think people should feel safe in their communities. >> police do not believe any of these incidents are gang related. there have been no arrests, but they are on the lookout for a stolen silver chevy impala. lindsey, we are going to go to you live. >> the new details are the fact that there are two students who have been arrested and now charged. now this all began at 8:00 in the morning over at the school and as a result of somebody calling 911, the police came on campus, found what appeared to be a gun in a jeep. it was later found out that the gun was a bb gun, but the school was on lockdown for 40 minutes. now, they took two students into custody. one is a 17-year-old male from bethesda, maryland. he has been charged with possessing a bb gun and there was also an 18-year-old who was
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taken into custody. his name is aria of potomac, maryland. he has been charged with transporting a bb gun. both are misdemeanor charges. as for school disciplinary action. we talked to the school. the school spokeswoman says they never dealt with something like this at this particular school. so they are trying to figure out what they will do in terms of discipline. live in northwest washington, i'm lindsey mastas. april is confederate history month in virginia. does it honor a racist part of virginia's history? that debate is coming up. plus, we take you inside the halfway house that will soon be gilbert arenas' new home. and topper. a beautiful evening. breezy and warm. we'll take you out with the current temperature. downtown, we are mid to upper 80s. north and west, temperatures are in the 90s. 90 up in leesburg and 90 up in haggerstown. we'll come back and talk about which airports broke the records and talk about the
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potential for big storms tomorrow.
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in tonight's consumer alert, clearing up confusion about being counted. some of you may have received two census forms in the mail and that was intentional. they did mail out another set of forms. if you mailed yours in, you can ignore that second form. if you are waiting for your census form to arrive and that may be the case if you have a po box as your address, starting april 12, you can call the census hot line to request a form. 1-866-872-6868. well, it's a three-way tieup. nissan and the maker of mercedes-benz are joining forces to build better performing cars. the brands will remain in tact and one of the biggest benefits will be on the cost.
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the car makers estimate they will save over $2.5 billion over the next five years and that translates to lower costs for you. well they pled not to sell con trough contraceptives. no candy, no soda, no birth control. and they had the blessing of the catholic church. apparently, that wasn't enough. today, they are out of business. the executive director says the pharmacy was losing tens of thousands of dollars a month. well, everybody is not on board with a new holiday in virginia. confederate history month, is it highlighting a racist part of virginia's history? you decide. up next.
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somewhere in america... there's a home by the sea powered by the wind on the plains. there's a hospital where technology has a healing touch. there's a factory giving old industries new life. and there's a train that got a whole city moving again. somewhere in america, the toughest questions are answered every day. because somewhere in america, more than sixty thousand people spend every day answering them. siemens. answers.
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answering them. siemens. why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at for the first time since 2001, virginia's governor declares april confederate history month. the two previous governors, democrats tim kaine and mark warner refused to make similar
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proclamations honoring confederate soldiers. suray. >> the controversy that continues to intensify, i'm standing next to a confederate marker and moments ago, governor bob mcdonnel apologizing, saying a major omission was left out. i talked with political analyst, larry, who says this was not necessarily to help his conservative base, but more about fulfilling a campaign promise and it's being met with incredible backlash. not everyone is reacting negatively, though, including the group, it's the same group the governor promised to proclaim april confederate history month and he did so online. ed is a member of the suns of confederate veterans. he has written books about nearly a dozen of his ancestors who were confederate soldiers in the civil war. he proudly displays the battle flag and here's a taste of what virginiaens are saying.
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>> i just think that we are way beyond that kind of thing. that's just crazy. >> a lot of those battles were fought right here in this state and my ancestors were a part of that, and i take pride in that. >> people can honor all kinds of histories in their own ways. it doesn't have to be a public event. >> released this statement this afternoon, they say this decision by the governor disrespects history and the people of virginia and is a tragic break from his republican predecessors who acknowledged the painful legacy of slavery. all this controversy as we get set to celebrate the civil war next year. live in fairfax, suray chin. >> thank you. after two years of negotiations, dc teachers have a tentative contract agreement with the fenty administration. the deal announced today gives teachers a 20% pay increase over four years, plus bonuses for outstanding performances. those bonuses will be provided
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through about $65 million in private funds. chancellor, michelle reid said she retains the authority to promote, fire, and assign teachers based on student performance and not teacher seniority. >> you want and need the authority ultimately to decide who goes and who stays. >> absolutely. at the end of the day. the principles in this district, myself, administrators, who are responsible for insuring that all 45,000 kids in the dc schools get an excellent education have to be able to make that determination. what we have done through this contract is added more transparency. >> the contract must now be approved by the dc teachers and the dc council. washington wizards star, gilbert arenas is about to move into his new digs and they are none too fancy. arenas will have to spend the next month in a montgomery county halfway house. derek mcginty reports. >> is this a correctional
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facility with no walls. no bashed wire. no fences, no gates. >> the montgomery county free release center is where gilbert arenas must sleep and eat for a month beginning sometime soon. >> this is a typical room of a two-person room here at the center. it has the same typesetup. two wed beds, a wardrobe closet. >> he is not headed to jail, instead, he'll be here. >> the face of the washington wiz sadr wizards, there are a few entertainment options. >> when they are not working, if it's your day off, you may play chess, you may go outside and take walks around the courtyard or play basketball. >> no special favorites for the hoop star, like everyone else at the facility, he'll have to take drug and alcohol tests at least three times a day. and workers say they are prepared to turn away any star
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struck fans. >> we have already had people show up at the front door, believe it or not, who wanted to leave materials for this particular person because they want them to see something. so be it, it's what notoriety is all about. derek mcginty, 9news now. >> officials are not saying when arenas will begin his stay. the halfway house is funded by the federal bureau of prisons. it houses about 170 people at a cost of $113 per day for inmate. i guess we are just doing a replay of yesterday? >> pretty much. >> a little warmer? >> tomorrow is going to be a tough forecast. i think by the time it comes through, we are going to be warm again, believe it or not. we are looking at the potential for thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and evening, particularly in the evening. let's talk about the temperatures, because wow, the record high at national today was 94. that was safe. they did hit 90. the record high at dulles was 94. they shattered it.
6:21 pm
hit 91 today. that's the third record high in a row. they hit 86 on monday. they hit 93 today. okay. the next three days, temperatures will be going down. looking at temperatures tomorrow around 80 and i think maybe 82 or 83, because of the delay of the front. thunderstorms late, windy, cool on friday, only 60. maybe a few clouds to start and saturday is very nice. sunshine, but highs holding in the low 60s. we are not used to that. partly cloudy, winds southwest 10 to 20. great night to go to the nats ball park. it's going to be a great night. temperatures in the 80s. 86 downtown right now. 88 in gaithersburg. still 91 in fredericksburg. that's really kind of unbelievable really for this time of year. 88 over toward andrews. now tomorrow morning, it is dry. clouds on the increase, yes, but dry. windy and mild, 60s and 70s. and gusty. the winds will be with us all day tomorrow. winds 15 to 25 in the afternoon, highs near 80.
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showers and thunderstorms. some heavy, but i think most of which will occur late in the day. unfortunately, around the tail end of the evening rush hour. with the front, with the warm air in place, there's a slight risk of severe weather for the mid atlantic into pennsylvania, western new jersey, and the hudson river valley of new york state. you can see a skinny line of showers and thunderstorms. not very wide, but very intense. now push through chicago, it's going to move through the midwest tonight and eventually in here tomorrow night. right now, we are looking at high clouds and another very nice summer like evening. next seven days, 80 tomorrow. windy, afternoon evening storms. cooler on friday and saturday. again, maybe some clouds to start on friday, but partly cloudy, 60, low 60s on saturday. very nice. mostly sunny. sunshine on sunday and 70. that's a beautiful day. sunny on monday, maybe a couple showers on tuesday and wednesday. a bit cooler highs in the low 60s. >> you still have mostly sun in the forecast. >> we'll look on the bright
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side. brett is going to be back just after the break. how do you stop tacos falling over?
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it's time for 9sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> so, a high ranking redskins official insisted today that the team is not trying to trade albert haines worth, which is not to say they weren't trying to trade him last week and the week before that, no team seems to think he is worth the money or trouble, apparently. a team source confirming to espn that the redskins offered him to the eagles, but philly had no interest and hainesworth is now off the market. the post maintains that shanahan wants to dump him before the draft because of friction with coaches and teammates. meanwhile, one of the guys who was at the facility for mcnabb's introduction yesterday was that guy, clinton portis. the runningback has been quiet since shanahan brought in willie parker to compete for his job, but he is mr.
6:27 pm
positive. >> i never back down from competition and it will be fun and exciting for the fans to have that. whoever the main guy is in our lineup is going to get it done. he has no other choice. the two guys behind him is ready to play. >> meanwhile, gm, bruce allen confirms he had discussions with former cowboys offensive tackle. the former pro bowler was cut by dallas last week. could play either tackle protecting mcnabb. all right, baseball now. and losing 11-1 was not the way the nats wanted to open the new season. then again, being held to one run by roy halladay is hardly something to be embarrassed about. nats will give it another go tonight. this time, jason making his nats debut against cole hamels and monday notwithstanding, the nats are not nervous about scoring runs. >> just because we had one game where we put up one run, doesn't mean anything. we are going to keep fighting
6:28 pm
until the end. >> i mean, we just got to take that and continue to look forward to the season. >> news today, the tennis legend is battling breast cancer. she has undergone a lumpectomy, but expects to make a full recovery. >> just as the nfl commissioner holds a state of the game address the day before the super bowl, the president of augusta national holds court on the day before the masters and he used his bully puppit to lace into tiger woods. billy payne, some labeled a classic case of piling on, had this to say about the embattled four-time master's champ. > it is the fact that he disappointed all of us and more importantly, our kids and our grandkids. our hero did not live up to the
6:29 pm
expectations of the role model we saw for our children. >> uh-huh. tiger will tee off tomorrow at 1:42. our nightly highlight show begins tomorrow night and you can see the third and fourth round of the masters right here on wusa9. on the golf course, today is the one day it pauses with the annual par three tournament. the regular caddies replaced by the children and grandchildren. is it me or nothing cuter than a four-year-old with a white jump suit on, or he is drunk. >> no. >> i would hope not. those were his kids and jim steps up to the tee and look what he does. he throws it past the hole. it's the ninth, actually, and right in front of his kids. and the thing of it is, he is apologetic because he was going to let his kids put on that hole, but he said sorry kids. >> that's

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